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Long Story Short
CD008 Rock-A-Lot Records, 2008
Produced by Barry & Holly Tashian
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Long Story Short CD

A fun collection of original songs and a few cover tunes recorded live at Rich Adler's studio. This is an eclectic blend of Americana styles, all-acoustic "toe tapping" duets, and solos ranging from bluegrass to swing, traditional country, and even a touch of the blues. Featuring Mike Compton, Matt Combs, Mike Henderson, Ross Sermons, and Kenny Malone.
You can hear samples of the songs on YouTube.
We Don't Give up on Love
Worry Doesn't Worry Me
The Grey Funnel Line
Rockin' Little Country Girl
Long Story Short
Honey, Where's The Money Gone
The Promise
Rock it Like it's Saturday Night
Darkness on the Delta
Sail Away
Boogie Woogie Country Girl
At Home
Copper Creek #0212, 2002
Produced by Barry & Holly Tashian
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At Home CD

Acoustic duets recorded live in the studio with bassist Ross Sermons. "This new CD may be their best to date.  It's a wonderful mix of folk, swing, country, bluegrass, ballads, and shuffles to warm the heart and soul."
Village Records
We Could
A Man's Best Friend is his Automobile
These Little Things
One More Me (The Cloning Song)
Whiskey Before Breakfast / The Beaumont Rag
There Goes My Love
More and More
The Sound of Your Name
Lonesome Highway Blues
My Happiness
My Window Faces The South
Watermelon Time in Georgia
Rounder Records #0412, 1997
Produced by Jim Rooney
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Harmony CD

Recorded in Nashville with Stuart Duncan, Emmylou Harris, Al Perkins, Dan Dugmore, Ronnie McCoury, Mike Compton, Roy Huskey, Jr., and others, this album was nominated for Bluegrass Album of the Year, Nashville Music Awards.
It's Too Late to Pray
I'll Take My Time
Don't Kneel at My Graveside
Wild Wind
The Power of Love
Two Ways to Fall
Fools Hall of Fame
Blues For Dixie
Hello Sorrow
Lonesome and Blue
All I Have to Offer You (Is Me)
The Love You Give
Straw Into Gold
Rounder Records #0332, 1994
Produced by Jim Rooney
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Straw Into Gold CD

Winner of the NAIRD Award for Country Album of the Year
 "A most rewarding album" (four stars)
The New York Daily News
"Straw into Gold is such wonderful listening, it shines like a diamond...one of the finest albums of country you'll hear this year."
Country Star
Is My Home Still Up There
I Know One
House Of Cards
One More Chance
You're Seldom Seen
Spinning Straw Into Gold
Lucky Break
I Caught A Keeper
I'll Break Out Again Tonight
I Dreamed Of An Old Love Affair
Wall Around My Heart
Long Train Of Fools
Friends And Kin
Ready for Love
Rounder Records #0302, 1993
Produced by Jim Rooney
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Ready for Love CD

A great blend of bluegrass and old-time country with a twist of old fashioned rock 'n roll.
"It's unlikely that there will be a lovlier country collection this year."
Rolling Stone
"Stunningly beautiful harmonies adorn this gorgeously put together album."
Country Music Roundup
Ready For Love
Let Me See The Light
Heaven With You
Heart Full Of Memories
Hearts That Break
Highway 86
The Price Of Pride
The Diamond
Ring Of Gold
The Memories Remain
If I Knew Then
This Old Road
Live in Holland
Strictly Country SCR-27, 1991
Recorded by Pieter Groenveld
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Live in Holland CD

Recorded live in concert at "De Cantarel" in Alphen a/d Rijnin and the Colonial Country Club in Lichtenvoorde, Holland.
Wish I Had A Friend Today
Ring Of Gold
You're Running Wild
If I Knew Then
Hot Ginger
Find My Way Home
The Angels Rejoiced
Beaumont Rag
Hearts That Break
When the Sun of My Life Goes Down
Heaven With You
Ready For Love
Beyond The Great Divide
Trust in Me
Northeastern Records #5001, 1989
Produced by Jim Rooney
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Trust In Me CD

The Tashian's first album recorded with Lloyd Green, Mike Bowden, Harry Stinson, Pat McInerney, Roy Huskey, Emmylou Harris, Jim Rooney, and Stuart Duncan.
#3 on "Top Ten Country Albums for 1989"
Jay Orr-Nashville Banner

Trust in Me
Blue Eyes
Making A Change
You're Running Wild
Party Doll
My Favorite Memory
Poor Woman's Epitaph
Look Both Ways
The Boy Who Cried Love
I Can't Dance
Summervilla Records, 2005
Produced by Ross Sermons
with Tim Carter and Larry Lee

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Summervilla: We Got Work To Do

19 spiritual songs, including four songs (*) by Barry and Holly Tashian. Other artists: Gary and Roberta Gordon, Wil Maring, Tim Carter, Emily Singleton, Ryan Harris, Robert Bowlin and many more.
We Got Work To Do
I'll Be Better off Someday
* The Graveside Song
Twelve Gates
Fly Away Home
I Waited for the Lord
The Darkest Hour
When the Clock Stops Tickin'
Land of Beulah
House of Gold
* Living on Love
Wade in the Water
Memories of Mother and Dad
Sunday Morning
* The Promise
I Am The Man Thomas
Lucky Old Sun
* God's Green Earth
Comin' Home

"Of all the country gospel albums circulating through CD Baby, this one holds a special magic. Instantly grabbing with no warm-up needed, "We Got Work To Do" combines thumping upright bass, classic and crystal clear vocals blended with rich guitar, piano, light percussion and more, all beautifully mixed for clarity, warmth and inspiration. From upbeat to sweet, moving ballads, this 19-track album amazes and entrances from start to finish. Whether you're looking for country gospel for the message or for the music, this album soars above expectations. A heartfelt, earthy, honest and humble, yet inspired album."
CD Baby

Ticket to Ride
by Barry Tashian
Dowling Press paperback, 160 pages
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Ticket To Ride

The Extraordinary Diary of The Beatles' last tour

In August of 1966 The Remains toured with The Beatles, performing in fourteen cities across North America. Ticket to Ride, by Barry Tashian, is a unique day-by-day, city-by-city account of this magical twenty-one day tour. Includes Barry's tour journal, never-before-seen photos, reviews, memorabilia, and much more. Hundreds of photos and illustrations. Great gift for any Beatles or Remains fan.

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